Fuudy has been developed for you to manage easily. With the 17 years of expertise, we are ready on every challenge that you might possibly get during the operation. Recently, Fuddy Plus restaurant management system operates in 9 countries and makes life easier over 300 restaurants

We help restaurants to gain time to focus on their foods and beverages. We take care the rest.


Fuudy grows with you

We implement the installation depending on your requirements at preferred address. Since from the beginning, your can measure the value added to your business.

Fuudy Plus handles every financial and technical requirements that restaurant needs. It works with the Wi-Fi. It allows you to manage easily your restaurant no matter they are located in abroad or same country. You can create customized graphical reports on the latest results. Staff can complete the task syncronously.

Do not worry of your business growth, Fuudy Plus grows with you!

What Previous Customers Are Saying?

    Tahsin Gökmen
  • Our customers don't excuse us on our busiest time, the noon time. Since we started to use Fuudy Plus we have been faced with the less stress. From the beginning of the system, we focus on what we do; tantuni.
    Tahsin Gökmen
    Meşhur Tantunici Mesut Usta

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Services We Offer

Order Management
Dine In
Fuudy Plus, let your cashier opens a bill, identifies the customer orders with the table number. When your client done, cashier can collecting the bill amount directly from the customer and close the bill by printing it. One more click for turning to invoice.

Reservation Sale
Just like the dine-in orders, your cashier opens a bill and stating the customer's details, ordered food items, time and payment method.

Delivery Sale
You may get delivery orders to the client address. So, cashier opens an invoice stating the customer's details, address, ordered food items, details of the driver who will deliver the food; everything smooth with the Fuudy Plus. Once your delivery person, brings the pack, he saves the invoice with the necessary options to finalize the order, collect the amount of the invoice and then print the invoice.
Table Management
You may define table layout of your restaurant. Once you point them as vacant, it's easier to manage your clients order in to the tables. You can change the table status from vacant to reserved or busy.

Not only you update the status but also, you can:
change tables,
merge tables,
add services,
print invoice and many more!
Staff Management
You can keep track of your employees and their shifts as well. It helps you to plan your upcoming work schedule.

It allows you to define the reporting page depending on the employee

Are you making the food delivery by your motorized team? Fuudy Plus allows you to organise order of your delivery guys. Also you can update the shift schedule within few clicks.
One of the biggest problems of the restaurants faced is the return of the insurance items. Your concerns ends with Fuudy Plus.

Either a rice pot or desert plate. You have ability to track your items and which address they are located.

Less loss, more happiness.
Instant Transition to Invoice
You can transform your order bill or table bill into the invoice within few clicks, instantly!

By seperating the invoice from the bill, you can avoid potential chaos by producing them. Simplicity is with you.
Fingerprint Reader Communication
Fuudy Plus, supports your finger print reader device.

If you employees puch-out times are important for you, then important for us too.

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